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Are you ready to take immediate action in upping your public speaking skills and become an overall better presenter?

Melinda shares three tips for improving presentation skills without spending money. Discover how focusing on abundance rather than scarcity can lead to new opportunities for growth, development and success. Remember, if you don’t speak up, you can break the connection you have with yourself and create disconnection between yourself and the people around you.

About Melinda:

Melinda Lee is a Presentation Skills Expert, Speaking Coach and nationally renowned Motivational Speaker. She holds an M.A. in Organizational Psychology, is an Insights Practitioner, and is a Certified Professional in Talent Development as well as Certified in Conflict Resolution. For over a decade, Melinda has researched and studied the state of “flow” and used it as a proven technique to help corporate leaders and business owners amplify their voices, access flow, and present their mission in a more powerful way to achieve results.

She has been the TEDx Berkeley Speaker Coach and worked with hundreds of executives and teams from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Caltrans, Bay Area Rapid Transit System, and more. Currently, she lives in San Francisco, California, and is breaking the ancestral lineage of silence.






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Melinda Lee:

Welcome back. Today we are going to talk about investing in yourself. Even if you feel like you don't have the money right now, as a corporate leader, you may feel like investing in a program to help you overcome public speaking skills is a luxury, it's a luxury you can't afford, after all, you might be worried about the costs, where's the economy going? Is it appropriate or smart to invest in something like this when we don't know where our finances are going to be in the future, and whether this whole thing will be worth it or not. Many people believe that investing in self development programs requires a lot of money. And that's not true. I mean, we can do things are ready right now, to start building your confidence to start doing the self development that you need. There's plenty of ways to do this without breaking the bank. And that is what we're going to talk about today. The key is I'm going to give you some ideas. The key is pick something that helps inspires you, helps fulfill you brings you joy, do things that light you up and light you up from within, because that's what we need. Investing in yourself. And developing your public speaking skills is not just about presenting. It's really about finding what you need to develop your unique voice to live and fulfill yourself to feel like you have a happy life. I mentioned before my mother who always she didn't speak up, so she held a lot in and I started to see her contract and get smaller and smaller. And and that broke me because I know that she was disconnecting with her intuition, disconnecting from her body, which is screaming, to say something which was screaming to tell her let's talk, let's do something about this. And yet she disconnected from listening to that. And then I know, I don't think that was good for her health, I don't think it was good for our immune system. And as I mentioned, she ended up passing away in 2016. With a cancer found in her mouth. The opportunity here or lost opportunity is that if you do not speak up, you can break the connection that you have with yourself. Break the connection that you have from your heart. You can also disconnect from the people that are around you. By not speaking up. You start to avoid conversations, avoid presentations, and so you are disconnecting from an opportunity to connect with others. And if you do work on it, you have an opportunity to connect back to yourself, connect back to your intuition, who you are. So speak from an empowered place of confidence of courage, and use this as a vehicle to connect to people to influence people. This is in your personal life and also your professional life. In your professional life. Increasing your public speaking skills is the opportunity to influence your team members stakeholders, the management, the management sees you as an effective leader by using the power of your voice, to influence to guide people to inspire action. And so you have an opportunity to to create this perception, belief within you and a perception of others to believe you to give you opportunities to give you more projects, higher level projects, and then ultimately, perhaps a promotion or bonuses. And this is what can happen. When you're able to speak confidently as an effective communicator, you're going to be able to advance your career quicker. So let's dive in to start working on your public speaking skills today. Even if you're worried about cost, I'm gonna give you three tips to do this. The first one is look for free resources. The internet has plenty look for things online such as articles, videos, YouTube podcasts, there's lots of tips and techniques to become a better speaker. The key is you want to take inspired action, implement these tips, even if they're just small, but doing them a little bit every day. And if you can't do them, continue to listen, continue to show up and listen to these podcasts. That's all free. Tip number two start small. You don't Don't have to invest in a huge expensive program right away, start to set a small budget aside, attend the local workshop, there's lots of master classes available, join a public speaking group when you can. And if you can't do that, the first thing I really want you to take away today is notice your thoughts. Noticing your own thoughts can make a huge difference in your confidence, are your thoughts building your confidence, or taking you down? Notice those thoughts that may be taking you down the limiting thoughts, such as, I'm no good, I'm a failure, I can't do this. I cannot speak publicly, I'm constantly shaking is not going to work, I can't do this, all of those thoughts are limiting, and they're going to take you down even further. And then you may not ever takes inspired action to invest in yourself. So you want to transition those limiting thoughts into more empowered thoughts, thoughts that build you up, you can feel expanded with these type of thoughts, such as I am courageous today. I'm not perfect. I don't know what I'm going to say. And I'm still going to say it. I am courageous. I'm going to take one small action, even though I'm afraid. Notice these thoughts are more expansive, they build you up. So if there's anything else that you can do, just start to notice your thoughts and transition, any limiting thoughts over to more empowered ones. And you'll start to feel good inside. And when you feel good inside, you're going to increase the likelihood that you will speak up in meetings or in your relationships. Last tip, tip number three, evaluate the return on investment. Consider the benefits of improving your public speaking skills. You know, are you going to close more deals are you going to reach more clients secure more funding, advance your career by getting bonuses getting recognized, feeling heard, and getting recognized for that promotion. So really taking a moment to weigh the potential return on your investment against the cost of the program, you may find that it is worth every penny. The investment. I like to tell you about my client. Her name is Cynthia Cynthia works for a large accounting firm, she audits financial statements, she's all about money. And she was afraid of working with me. She was afraid of investing the money and not sure if it was going to return an ROI. Even though she was afraid Cynthia decided that she was going to invest and work with me. We looked at the root causes or fears, neutralize the charge, neutralize and calm your nervous system so that we can install and bring in more confidence, more courage, and embodiment. an unshakable confidence that she can feel from her bones with every fiber of her being. And once we did that, within a couple months, this is the email that she sent to me the exact words Hi Melinda, I got the promotion that I wanted. Your work is called Unshakable Confidence for a reason. I feel so confident when speaking building this confidence has helped me to get the promotion that I was looking for. I've also been more willing to volunteer to speak at events that require me to be seen and be heard. I'm so thankful for Cynthia, to take that initial investment in herself, believing in herself that she could do this. And believing that this is going to return an ROI. There was no guarantee but inspired action created the world around her that also reflected back who she felt on the inside. So when you start to feel confident the world around you opportunities will start to come back to you because it's a reflection of how you feel.