Three benefits Of Story Telling With Melinda Lee - Speak in Flow

1.    Connection: Building rapport is the first and lasting step in connecting with your team, clients and within anyone you are in relationship. So many of us are starved for connection. So I encourage you to enhance your ability to connect now! When presenting, we often think about the facts, however it is in storytelling that we find a beautiful connection with our audience, where they feel your presence. They may not remember the entire talk, but they will remember the story, how it made them feel. And if that is “feel good”, then excellent!

2.     Builds Trust: connecting with someone’s emotions draws them in. they bond emotionally to you and your story. Once bonded they feel more aligned with you, and you become more credible. And credibility results in more influence.

3.     Influence: is the next level, lasting trust. When we desire to help more people, we first need to connect by building rapport, when storytelling is used, trust is created more rapidly when we story tell because people can either find themselves or stimulate their empathy within the story, the metaphor.

Story and metaphors enhance our ability to communicate, connect, build trust and influence so you can transform people lives.