It’s Time To Take Ownership  Of Your Career 

…and stop feeling overlooked, overworked, and undervalued!

Join Professional Coach Melinda Lee, and discover effortless influence skills to get seen, get heard, and get your career on the fast track! 

Knowing how to authentically promote yourself is vital to career success and recognition. Without it, you lose traction, your reputation fizzles out, and it can feel like you’re invisible to the higher ups…

This LIVE Masterclass will teach you how to stop being invisible and start getting seen so you finally get the buy-in and executive support you need to:

Move your projects & initiatives forward

Lead change & master positive influence

Drive your career to the next level


“I envision a world where more leaders share their ideas freely, respect each other’s mission, and use their voice to create more influence and positive change in the world.”

As the creator of the Speak In Flow method, I’ve spent over a decade studying the state of flow and how business professionals can tap into that hyper-focused, peak performance mental state just like elite athletes do!

But instead of scaling mountains or running record-breaking marathons, you’ll harness flow to deliver powerful presentations, gain visibility, recognition, and influence others.

When you’re in flow, fear naturally recedes, time collapses, and you find yourself wholly present. This allows you to effortlessly communicate clearly and persuasively about topics and ideas you’re passionate about.

That’s what I call “speaking in flow” and it will transform how you show up, impact, and lead those around you. Are you ready for that?

“I sought Melinda’s expertise to help with my public speaking and to address the mental roadblocks that were keeping me from presenting my best self in the workplace. She worked with me to identify the past experiences that may be the cause of my anxiety and distress. Through my sessions with Melinda I was able to reframe my perspective giving me confidence and a re-energized presence, which recently helped me in a job interview where I was offered the position!”


Promote yourself Masterclass

The day you stop feeling overlooked, overworked, and undervalued!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

1-2 pm PST / 4-5 pm EST