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Speak To Influence
Step into unshakeable confidence

Tues, September 13th,

from 1 to 2:30 PM PST

Meeting ID: 409 114 0049

Passcode: 111888

As a leader, you will be asked to deliver presentations to people with opposing views. These are the colleagues that may not buy into your ideas right away. What do you do? How do you handle that?
The key to influence is not about “proving” your ideas are worthy of being heard. The key to influence is about CREATING BELIEF- creating belief in yourself and creating belief in others.

In this workshop you will:


Discover the hidden limiting belief sabotaging your success


Quickly understand exactly why people are not buying into your ideas (and how to turn it around fast)


Gain confidence telling compelling stories that reframe perspectives and build new beliefs


Learn how to rapidly transport people from their opposing views into possibilities with "belief bridges"


Overcome the fear of having "all eyes on you", so you can speak to more people with unshakeable confidence and influence


It’s time to feel free to be yourself!

“My company works on mega infrastructure and public works projects throughout California, and we needed to bring on a world-class Presentation Skills Coach who could navigate the fast-paced, always changing, landscapes associated with these projects. With Melinda, she addresses both the “internal” and “external” aspects of presenting to key people. We have assigned even the most seasoned speakers in the AE&C industry of California and many of them are blown away by the new skills they learn from her. She really has the ‘secret sauce’ that makes everyone shine.”

Paul Pendergast, Founder at BuildOUT California

I have studied the state of flow for over a decade, and what I have discovered is that flow is only possible when we are faced with novel, complex, risky or ambiguous situations and environments.

Public speaking is one of those situations.

And the first response to most uncertain situations is usually fear and anxiety.

However, when we can access flow, the fear minimizes, time collapses, and we are in the present moment.



Words just come out.


We feel free to be ourselves.


We speak from the heart.


We can connect with our audience regardless of what's going on in the room.


We feel more in alignment with our purpose.


Other people are attracted to us, and more opportunities show up!

“Because of Melinda’s coaching, my business has grown exponentially. Under her guidance and support, I have grown as a person and entrepreneur. I have met more people and can speak more confidently about my business. Melinda has a gift for bringing out the best in people. Because of her, I am more positioned to expand my business.”
Laura Livingston, Founder of Liv Hypnotherapy

Melinda exceeded my expectations. I thought I was refined and advanced presenting my brand. She superseded my standards for excellence and made me sharper conveying my why in business.

If you need a safe space to be authentic, receive feedback and truly grow professionally and personally look no further. Melinda brings a holistic service to addressing and mitigating barriers. Her process and techniques will allow you to show up and be empowered, so you can forge trust and transparency with clients and customers.
Tahjar Roamartinez, MBA, CEH, ITIL, Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Warfighters Group, Inc

“I sought Melinda’s expertise to help with my public speaking and to address the mental roadblocks that were keeping me from presenting my best self in the workplace. She worked with me to identify the past experiences that may be the cause of my anxiety and distress. Through my sessions with Melinda I was able to reframe my perspective giving me confidence and a re-energized presence, which recently helped me in a job interview where I was offered the position!”

Nick Floreni, Director at Genentech