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Learn from an Industry Expert

Melinda Lee

The freedom to speak is a gift.

I was raised in an ancestry of women who had no voice. Growing up, I constantly doubted myself. I was not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough, not confident enough. I wanted so badly to be loved and admired, and it felt like a big mountain I needed to climb, only to get nowhere.

I carried all of that conditioning into my corporate position. Disconnected from my body and my instincts, I would freeze and overthink what I wanted to say. Whenever it was time for me to speak up, I would clam up and stumble on my words.

Early in my career, my manager asked me to speak in front of 30 members of the company’s senior management. I instantly felt sick to my stomach and my mind started racing.

I remember working hard to cover up that feeling. I needed to look confident and strong. Otherwise, what would people think of me? Despite the anxiety and terror I knew deep down I had to say, “yes” to something bigger. I knew that, in order for me to become a successful leader, I had to overcome my fears of public speaking. So I took one brave step forward that day.

That talk was the beginning of a long road to wholeness, back to myself.

Over the next 20 years through mentors, training, and a faith-based practice, freed my mind and spirit from negative thoughts and became more present with the opportunities around me.

Through the trials and tribulations of my own transformation, I started my business around my Speak in Flow® Signature System, a process I now use to help entrepreneurs and leaders overcome their fears and learn to speak more confidently and powerfully, in record time.

My mother died a few years ago – ironically – of cancer in the mouth. Because my mother never found her voice, my mission is to speak in honor of her and all the women before her. And in that process, set an example for my daughter and all young women out there who need a strong feminine role model.

There are many ways to manifest authority, abundance and influence. What I stand for and love doing is empowering others to get in touch with their heart, tune into their intuition, and communicate their truth, especially when navigating the complex corporate landscape.

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