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Monthly Masterclass:

Look & Sound

Your Best on Zoom

Feel more confident on every video call

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
12 PM PST | 3 PM EST

(1 Hour Long)


Discover key techniques to elevate your zoom presence and communicate with ease

For entrepreneurs and busy professionals who want to…


  • Gain more clients or close bigger sales

  • Instantly increase credibility and trustworthiness

  • Lead with impact and expertise in corporate presentations and meetings

This month you’ll learn:

  • Proven ways to use voice and inflection to craft your authentic powerful and persuasive message
  • How to increase engagement so your audience pays attention to you and what you are saying
  • How to save time and reduce stress when it comes to memorizing your script or speech

We’ll also explore:

  • Quick fixes for bad lighting and ways to make your lighting choices (and you!) shine
  • Easy tips to elevate your background
  • How to use and wear color to stand out instead of blending into your background

And most importantly:

  • How to best present yourself both visually and verbally to encourage audience trust and boost your professional credibility

Zoom and virtual presentations are here to stay…

The global pandemic has changed how we gather and connect for business. The spotlight is now on you as the host, presenter, or keynote speaker. You have to charm and persuade your audience, but also run the meeting and resolve technical issues and challenges.

Knowing what could go wrong and having a plan for how to best handle that is the focus of this month’s masterclass.

Because it’s only when you’re able to maintain control over your presentation that your message will make an impact. Whether that’s getting buy-in for a new project, demonstrating expertise to uplevel your reputation, or flexing your leadership skills to advance your career.

But none of that can happen if you let the inevitable derail you…

…Meet YOUR Host

Shelley Golden

Shelley is a Professional Presence Consultant, Zoom Makeover expert, Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist and Certified Color Consultant.

Her more than 25 years of experience has shown her what it takes to create a powerful and successful image – both in-person and online.

As a result of COVID 19, Shelley created The Zoom Makeover. This is a 5-step process to advise professionals and companies on how to create a more professional image and elevate their online screen presence to increase engagement and improve credibility and trustworthiness.

Having lived in Europe and the Middle East for 15 years, Shelley brings her understanding of cultural sensitivities, international style and the nuances of the ever trending “Business Casual” into the workplace from various parts of the world.

Meet Your Co-host

Melinda Lee

Melinda is the creator of the Speak In FlowⓇ method.

For over a decade she’s studied the state of flow where she discovered how business professionals can tap into that hyper-focused, peak performance mental state just like elite athletes do.

But instead of scaling mountains or running record-breaking marathons, you’ll harness flow in order to deliver powerful presentations, gain visibility and recognition, and influence others in your business or market.

When you’re in flow, fear naturally recedes, time collapses, and you find yourself wholly present. This allows you to effortlessly communicate clearly and persuasively about topics and ideas you’re passionate about.

That experience is what she calls “speaking in flow” and it will transform how you show up, impact, and lead those around you.

Look & Sound Your

Best on Zoom

Feel more confident on every video call

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
12 PM PST | 3 PM EST

(1 Hour Long)

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