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How loud is your inner critic?

Break free of old patterns! Begin the transformation into a confident speaker by first knowing "who you serve", speak with authentic conviction, and use Jedidiah's strategies when challenges arise. You now have three key elements for ultimate speakers success
We all strive to be effective communicators, but sometimes, those annoying filler words can get in the way. They sneak into our speech without us even realizing it. In this episode, we will cover a different approach for eliminating your fears and filler words. You will learn the power of pause. And how to practice your presentation for more lasting change. Consider, the more you pay attention and become mindful of where you are at in sentence structure, ask yourself, are you connecting to the feeling of your words, and of being confident? Notice that when you are using filler words, you may be be feeling less confident. So shift your focus, and connect to your heart. The more connected you are with what you are sharing, the more naturally your words will flow. Once you become comfortable, I encourage you to take the next step. Let go of the script, Conscious of that internal connection, knowing you have all the right words at your disposal. Trust your intuition and voice to allow you to be your most authentic you. Speak from that place of heart, mind and soul and you truly are the master.
Learning how to say no may save you from burn-out and mis-understanding the myth to success.
Melinda Lee knows that powerful and intentional speaking requires highly tuned active listening skills. She believes that influential leaders have raised the bar, because they understand the sweet spot in being an influential speaker is actually honing their listening skills.
Jacqueline Pruitt, the successful owner of a rebar company, shares her story about how being one of the only females in the field has helped her build grit and resilience. She shares the importance of building alliances with those around her when feeling out of place.

Would you love to silence the inner critic and develop the skills to Speak in Flow?

After a decade of studying the state of flow, Melinda Lee has found the actionable and practical steps for heart-centred leaders to develop their communication confidence.  Melinda helps leaders like you overcome their fear of public speaking and transform self-doubt into confidence & freedom, so they can exponentially increase their impact with heart and ease.

We all have an internal dial of authentic strength, and when we learn to turn it up in spite of our circumstances, people feel and hear us, and our world changes.

That is the power of our voice. When we Speak in Flow:


We feel free to be ourselves.


We speak from the heart.


We feel more in alignment with our purpose.


Overcome fear of “all eyes on you” and connecting with your audience for more influence


Other people are attracted to us, and more opportunities show up!

There are many ways to manifest authority, abundance and influence. What I stand for and love doing is empowering others to get in touch with their heart, tune into their intuition, and communicate their truth. This is Speak in Flow.

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Melinda Lee is a national speaker and successful entrepreneur.

Melinda Lee is a Presentation Skills Expert, Speaking Coach and nationally renowned Motivational Speaker. She holds an M.A. in Organizational Psychology, is an Insights Practitioner, and is a Certified Professional in Talent Development as well as Certified in Conflict Resolution. For over a decade, Melinda has researched and studied the state of “flow” and used it as a proven technique to help corporate leaders and business owners amplify their voices, access flow, and present their mission in a more powerful way to achieve results.

She has been the TEDx Berkeley Speaker Coach and worked with hundreds of executives and teams from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Caltrans, Bay Area Rapid Transit System, and more. Currently, she lives in San Francisco, California, and is breaking the ancestral lineage of silence.